Dr Michael Themis – Founder/Technical Director of TestaVec Ltd

Dr Themis’ research has been on the fundamentals of gene therapy and genotoxicity since his PhD in 1994. After developing this expertise at Imperial College London he is now a Reader at Brunel University London where his research group resides. He has held awards from the MRC, Innovate UK, Wellcome Trust, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Ataxia UK, FARA US and Astralasia, and published over 55 peer reviewed papers in gene therapy research. He has developed several models to assess gene therapy vector safety using mice, non human and human platforms.

He currently leads the SBRI CRACK InMutaGene Challenge presented by the NC3Rs funded by GSK and Novartis. His consortium is comprised of gene therapy experts at University College London, King’s College London and GeneWerk, Germany. Dr Themis recently founded TestaVec Ltd to provide support to academics and pharmaceutical companies intending on meeting regulatory approval for their gene therapy products.